Top 10 Scene Haircuts for Girls for Any Length of Hair

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10. Below the Ear Length10Below the Ear Length

Even if your hair is short, straight and dark, you can make a statement with scene hair by choosing the right hair colors. If you have black hair, visit your stylist and tell her you want some layers on your hair, with the ends, particularly at the bottom layer, thinned. Ask the stylist to have the sides near your cheeks cut longer than the back. The full bangs should reach below your eyebrows, just touching your eyes. The achieved look will be spiky and short. Black hair gives a nice contrast to fuchsia bangs, light purple side burns with dark green highlights on the hair on top of your ears. The hair dye could be applied to only the top layers and halfway down, so the natural black shows more. Style your hair in spikes all over with styling gel.


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