14 Top 10 Worst Wedding Dresses and Gowns That Could Ruin Your Wedding Day

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1. Make sure you can move in your wedding dress

1Make sure you can move in your wedding dressGowns with fluffy bottom part, but heavy and limits the movement of the bride are not good choices for wedding gowns. They should be comfortable, yet in style.

A wedding is not just something you prepare in one week or a month. It usually takes few months for the full preparation of the wedding. The theme, guests, venues (for the wedding ceremony and for the reception, cakes, bridesmaid, groomsmen, wedding suit for the groom and wedding dress and gowns for the brides – these aspects of wedding need time to think and come together. The worst wedding dresses and gowns are arguably those with the brides having hard time to move or simply to walk down the aisle.


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