Top 10 Biotin Hair Growth Boosters You Can Have Any Day

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Unsatisfied with the way your hair grows? If you prefer growing your own hair to donning a wig, try biotin hair growth boosters. Biotin is a versatile nutrient that helps transform food into the basic ingredients that make up and sustain your body parts – including hair. More specifically, it is involved in the metabolism of proteins, which is the stuff hair is composed of. The more biotin you take in, the better your locks become.

One important thing about biotin is that you need to acquire it regularly. It can’t be saved up in your body unlike other vitamins such as Vitamins A and E, so you need to constantly replenish your biotin levels. Fortunately, you can get the nutrient from various sources that are always available in your local grocery or health shop. Here are the best biotin-rich things that will improve the state of your crowning glory.

10. Biotin Hair Products

10 Biotin Hair Products

Manufacturers of hair products have realized that people want more than a good hair day. They also want good growing hair all year. So, they added generous amounts of biotin in shampoos, hair serums, conditioners, and more. Some biotin brands are Bioten and Sephora. Next time that you’re shopping for your hair care regimen, check for biotin on the ingredients list. Lighten up on the hair styling though. Excessive heating and frequent coloring damages your hair faster than topically applied biotin can regenerate it.

9. Biotin Supplements

9 Biotin Supplements

You can get supplements in health stores easily and they don’t require a prescription. These supplements contain biotin amounts ranging from 600 to 10,000 micrograms. You’d ingest the most biotin from supplements, but your body can’t use all of them up. Thus, supplements don’t take the top spot in the list of biotin providers. Generally, your body absorbs more nutrients from actual food than those in pills. Despite this setback, supplements add much to your dietary intake of hair boosting biotin.

8. Fruits and Veggies

8 Fruits and Veggies

Greens give you plenty of nutrients aside from adding body cleansing roughage. Biotin is included in green stuff so consume them daily. What’s good about eating these is that you can eat them raw. Too much heat from cooking breaks down the biotin content, so uncooked veggies have higher levels of biotin in them. Bananas, raspberries, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, pulses, cabbages, and mushrooms contain up to 5 micrograms per serving. If this amount doesn’t seem like much, consider that you only need 35 micrograms at most.

7. Grains

7 Grains

Grains contain biotin, so does yeast. There are types of yeast that yield 30 micrograms per spoon. If you eat bread, you’d get biotin content from both the grains and the yeast. Bread, rice, and cereal all belong to the grain category. Get whole grain varieties to get the highest concentration of biotin. If you’re buying them in packages, such as when you’re buying commercialized breakfast cereal, check the nutritional facts and look for the amount of biotin in them. Biotin is also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H.

6. Meats

6 Meats

Another excuse to not go vegan! A pork slice the size of a matchbox has about 5 micrograms of the vitamin biotin. Get your carbohydrates and your hair vitamins by eating this delicious meat. If you’re not too fond of it, seafood or chicken are tasty alternatives for you. Toss in veggies to those meat dishes to keep your stomach balanced. If you’re vegan all the way, soy protein meat alternatives also have biotin. Vegans, don’t forget to consume your proteins because you need them to grow your hair.

5. Dairy Products

5 Dairy Products

A lot of dairy products have biotin. You can have some in milk and cheeses, especially those that are fortified with B vitamins. The biotin heavyweight of all these is yogurt, with around 7 micrograms a cup. To take advantage of yogurt’s biotin richness, why not combine it with other healthy items like cereals and fruits? You can add yogurt to muesli, or make a raspberry-yogurt smoothie.

4. Eggs

4 Eggs

Did you know that the humble chicken egg has 12 micrograms of biotin? If you eat 3, you’d meet your biotin requirement for the day. The egg yolk is more packed with biotin than the whites though. A word of advice – you have to cook them even though that will reduce the biotin. Certain substances in raw egg whites prevent you from getting the biotin and may cause you to get ill. And yes, those illnesses can make you bald. Remember: cook them!

3. Peanuts

3 Peanuts

Peanuts are among the group of biotin topnotchers, because they give you 20 micrograms for every 30 grams you consume. It’s easy to go beyond the normal level needed when you snack on a trail mix bag. Aside from your usual nibbles, there are many recipes with nuts in them so you’d never get weary of munching on the same thing. This also applies to peanut butter. Spread some on whole wheat bread and you get biotin twice.

2. Liver

2 Liver

Not everyone likes liver, but if you do, you’d get the animal kingdom’s best supply of biotin. Chicken liver has an amazing 100 micrograms of biotin for every 50 grams. Beef has 30 micrograms, while pork has 20. Too much of this organ meat is harmful for you though, because it may cause you to have achy joints. Eat sparingly, perhaps once a week is enough. Don’t add joint problems to your hair problems!

1. Chocolate

1 Chocolate

Yes! There’s biotin even in chocolate. The kicker here is that not all chocolates have substantial biotin amounts. As a rule, the less processed it is, the more natural substance you’d get. Thus, dark chocolate and unheated cocoa has more biotin than their sweeter counterparts, reaching close to 35 mcg for every hundred grams. You’re in luck if you are not much of a sweet tooth, but then, you can still get a bit of biotin from a mug of hot milk chocolate. If you have chocolate confectionery, you can always consult the label to know how much B7 is in it.

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