Top 10 Ideas for Natural Eye Makeup Looks to Wear from Morning ‘Til Night

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10. Choose the Right Eye Shadow10Choose the Right Eye Shadow

The eye shadow you use defines your eyes, your whole face and your overall look. If you have blue eyes, shades of brown, lavender, rose and other neutral shades will look good for the office. When you have to go out in the evening or during special occasions, you could use gold and silver shimmery eye shadows, or go with icy pink or turquoise. Choose an eye shadow palette with these colors so you only need to carry one set for touch ups. Green eyes look good deep plum, copper, gold, dark green and bronze. Deep brown eyes will perk up with charcoal gray, plum, bronze, gold, mauve or forest green. Medium brown eyes take on violet, green, bronze or copper beautifully. Green, gold, and shades of darker browns male light brown eyes sparkle.


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