Top 10 Scene Haircuts for Girls for Any Length of Hair

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9. Below the Shoulder Length

9Below the Shoulder Length

This is one style that would suit many girls with longish hair. Hair is cut in several layers to achieve fullness on top. The bottom layer is left at its original length with the ends thinned to achieve a spiky look. The hair is parted on the side, with long, sideswept bangs that’s been thinned. This style is very easy to manage especially if you have straight hair because you only have to add hairspray or mousse at the roots on the top layers before blow drying to achieve the fullness needed. Apply gel to the bottom ends. You have several choices for hair color here. You could go for one bright color, have the under layers colored, have streaks in different colors or apply colors to just your bangs or dip-color the ends of your hair.


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