Top 10 Surefire Ways on How to Have Sexy Hair

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A head-full of sexy hair could surely send men into a fit of frenzy. If you want to achieve a seductive, alluring, and charming crowning glory, you better take note of our top 10 ways on how to have sexy hair.

10. Put on some baby powder

10 Put on some baby powder

Baby powder on your hair? Whaaaat? Unknown to many, baby powder can do wonders in creating a sexy look, feel, and texture to your crowning glory. By putting some baby powder or corn starch, you can put on some volume back to your hair. That’s because the powder absorbs excess oil that may flatten your hair. This is a good idea to do after blow drying. Putting on some baby powder will help the volume created by the blow stay on beautifully and make your sexy allure long lasting.

9. Perfume your sexy tresses

9 Perfume your sexy tresses

Good smell is definitely sexy. If you want to add up spice to your vixen quality, you must pick up a nice perfume that will show off and further your sexy attitude. Try your favorite fr5agrance or if you want to be more Try Armani’s frangipani, licorice, and patchouli blend. It’s an oriental floral fragrance that’s way too hot. Put lightly on the strands of your hair, and then, spread on some sexiness down to the nape of your neck. Every toss will give out that sexy smell nobody could possibly resist.

8. Accessorize

8 Accessorize

There are a hundred and one ways you can decorate your hair and make it look sexy. Simply pick the perfect stud or stone and use it to make your hairdo something that others would rave about. You can choose to put your hair in a chignon and stick in some jewels. You may just also let your hair down and use a nice clip on to accessorize it. Whatever you want your hair to look – loose, flipped, twisted, curled, or in a bun – you can always find something that will decorate it and incredibly increase your sex appeal in the process.

7. Spray on a volumizer

7 Spray on a volumizer

Hair that’s sexy is hair that has volume. If your hair looks dull and flat, you can always find an easy remedy on a hair volumizer. There are lots of products available in the market, which could offer your mane some sexy volume. Just make sure you go easy on the products you use. When it is starting to bring your hair down – lifeless and with no more shine – it is probably time to change products. Make sure that you care for your hair enough so it does not go damaged along with the treatments that you use in order to achieve a sexy glow.

6. Make it glossy

6 Make it glossy

Grease-free and glossy hair is definitely sexy. To achieve glossy shine, try using Sebastian Professional Trillian shine spray. It’s featherweight and effective to provide a touchable shine. Simply spray on some onto your palms and run them over through your hair. You do not need much of this product. Some will do to help perk up your already lifeless locks.

5. Have layers cut around your head

5 Have layers cut around your head

If you think Jennifer Aniston’s hair is sexy and you want to achieve here sexy appeal, cutting layers around your hair is a nice way to go. You see, models have an ultimate frenzy with fans during all important photo shoots. That’s because they needed to command a sexiness with hair blown out lightly. Without a fan, you can always go to your favorite hairdresser and cut out layers for you. There are different ways to enjoy layers, each of them is cut out to flatten the shape of your face. Make sure you ask about the right chop for your face so your goal is met. Even if you will just let your hair down, the sexy layers will definitely do the trick to make you oozing with appeal.

4. Pick a sexy hair color

4 Pick a sexy hair color

Hair color brings out a different allure, especially if you pick the right one that will complement your skin tone. There are a thousand hair colors to choose from and many different ways to wear them. Do you like your silky black, straight hair highlighted with glossy burgundy? Or you want to achieve the red-hot brunette image buy dyeing your color with the perfect shade? It all depends on your choice but if you ask us, it is not only blondes that look hot nowadays. Even purple-colored hair can look sexy depending on your carry it through. It might also help you to know that the hottest hairstyles this 2013 involve pastel colors. Glamming up in pink, lavender, and lilac is a surefire way to get a lease on some spotlight.

3. Let it down with purrrfect waves

3 Let it down with purrrfect waves

A sexy hair down with perfect, natural waves is a great way to wear confidence. Whether you have naturally wavy hair or you need to use special devices to achieve it, you can surely please the crowd if you just let your hair’s sexiness speak for itself. Remember what it takes to achieve sexy hair: volume, shine, smoothness, and body. There are lots of available products in the market that could help you confidently wear your hair down and not think about anything else. Of course, working out some great styles could help – getting it on with a classic bun, a sweet braid, or flirty pony and you will never go wrong. But if you do not have the time to style, wearing your hair down along with some natural-looking waves could easily make you look sexy, especially if you would not clip the sides to the back of your ear. Be an instant seductress with this style!

2. Condition, condition, condition

2 Condition, condition, condition

Deep conditioning is very important for sexy hairs. Pick a conditioning agent that’s right for you, making sure your mane will not lose its shine along the way of styling up to be sexy. Some hair pros even suggest that you condition deeply first before you apply some shampoo to clean off your strands with residue.

1. Go natural

1 Go natural

Find a natural way to be sexy. Wearing your hair anyway can please the opposite sex if you wear it with confidence!

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