Top 10 Things to Know About DIY Body Scrub

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3. Essential Oils3. Essential Oils

Essentials oils are vegetable, fruit and flower extracts. These are not essentially fatty oil but more of plant hormones, the compounds extracted from raw ingredients that provide the therapeutic properties of the source materials. The aroma of the essential oils is very strong and volatile. The oils have the ability to penetrate up to the subcutaneous layer of your skin, which is why it not recommended that you use it full strength or apply it directly on your skin. It is essential that you first learn the properties of each of the essential oils you would like to use to get the maximum benefit from your homemade body scrub. Another thing you should think about is the combination of carrier oils and essential oils that would give off the most pleasant scent. Some of the most common essential oils are almond, hazelnut, lavender, orange, lemon, coffee, sunflower, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, mint, grapefruit and peppermint.


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