Bad Spray Tan: Top 10 Reasons that Can Change Your Thoughts to Spray Tanning

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Having a tan, especially for the fair ones, can always give that certain healthy sheen that can be very difficult to find in pale people. It is also a great way to go with the trend because after all, tan will always be in fashion, whether you like it or not. The problem with this one is that traditional tanning can be very difficult to attain particularly when you live in a cold, dry place. Even if you live in a tropical country where the beach is just a couple of minutes away from home, sunbathing can still be a long and arduous process that can even harm your overall health when you are overexposed from the harsh rays of the sun. Some go for spray tanning, but in the process get a bad spray tan.

If you were living in the nineties, then spray tanning would be a great solution! Just don’t be like Ross in Friends, when he got sprayed on twice making him look like he had burned his skin. But then again, we are already way past that because it is already 2012 after all. Say no to bad spray tan and say yes to a fabulous golden skin through these top 10 reasons that can change your mind about getting sprayed on.


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