Top 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Hickeys — FAST!

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What are hickeys?

Hickeys are also known as kiss marks, love bites or love marks. A hickey is essentially a mark on the skin that is created by sucking at or aggressively kissing the flesh of another person. When a sucking action is done on areas of the body where the skin is thin and delicate, like the neck, inside the elbow or thighs, blood vessels beneath the skin are broken, causing a reddening of the area sucked at initially, which usually turns to purple or brown later on.

Hickeys are usually done to each other by lovers when making out, either intentionally or unintentionally. It is typically the way by which lovers leave a mark on one or the other, and is a way of marking territory, so to speak.

However, despite being willing victims in the heat of passion, some individuals actually feel embarrassed being seen in public with love bites or hickeys. Hence, there is a need to find ways to remove or get rid of hickeys fast.


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