Top 10 Beautiful Naked Women Athletes

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10. Oksana Masters

naked women

One of the most inspiring naked women athlete featured in ESPN The magazine “Body Issue” is this beautiful Paralympic rower from Ukraine. She is Oksana Masters, the first ever to win a medal for the US in the trunk and arms mixed double sculls at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. She serves as an inspiration to other disabled people. She has shown that despite her disability, she was able to excel in her sport and that she is still totally stunning.

In the past, pictures of naked women were either considered pornographic or artistic. But these ten beautiful naked women athletes are beyond that. Their naked physiques show everyone that the beauty of the human body can be achieved with the discipline of sports. ESPN’s The Body Issue, says “It’s okay to stare.” These beautiful naked women athletes are not just baring their all to impress the readers but also to inspire them that if they can do it, with hard work, discipline and determination, you too can have a body like theirs.


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