10 Easy, No Equipment Workout Routines Women Can Try At Home

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You don’t need a gym membership, fancy workout clothes, or expensive equipment to get fit. These workout routines for women are guaranteed to burn unwanted flab and achieve perfect form.

1. Body Squat


Stand tall with your feet hip distance apart while holding your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder level. Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor with your torso upright and your lower back slightly arched. Pause and stand back up. Repeat for 15 repetitions.

2. Push-up


If you’re just starting out and want to build upper body strength, try an incline push-up as this is more forgiving than the normal push-up routine. Instead of keeping your body straight on the floor, place your hands on a raised surface like a bench. Make sure to form a straight line from your head down to your feet. Slowly lower yourself until your upper arms are almost level with your elbows. Pause for a breath then push back up to starting position. Do this for 15 repetitions.

3. Hip Raise


Lie on your back on the floor. Bend your knees until your feet are flat and put your arms out to the sides until they are level with your shoulders. Tuck in your stomach to keep your core tight and raise your hips until you form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Stay in this position for five seconds then lower your body. Repeat this 10 times.

4. Leg Sculpt


From a standing position, lunge backward with your right foot at a 45-degree angle – make sure that your left knee doesn’t extend over your left foot when bent. Get back up to standing position and quickly do the same with your left side. Do at least 8 repetitions on both legs. Leg sculpt should be included in every woman’s daily workout routine.

5. Chair Dip


Find a sturdy chair or any firm surface and take a firm grip facing forward. Bend your knees parallel to the ground and shoulder width apart. Lower yourself until your arms are bent at a 90-degree angle then push back up. Do 15 to 20 repetitions. If that’s too easy you can raise one leg while you dip, for more resistance.

6. Side Plank


Lie on your right side, keeping your legs straight. Raise yourself up with your right forearm so your body forms a diagonal line. Put your left hand on your left hip. Keep your core tight by bracing your abs and hold position for at least 10 seconds. Lower yourself and roll over to your left side and repeat. Do this for 15 to 20 repetitions.

7. Lateral Jump


Another home workout routine that engages your whole body includes jumping. To start, stand straight with your feet apart and a bit wider than your shoulders. Squat down and touch the floor with your fingers. Then explode into a jump while moving to the right and your arms reaching straight up. Land back into your starting position, and do the same for your left side. Do 20 repetitions – 10 for each side.

8. Worm Crawl


From a plank position, use your feet to crawl slowly toward your hands in small steps. When you’ve reached the point where you have to bend your legs, use your hands to walk forward in small steps until you reach the plank again. Do this nice and slow for 10 repetitions.

9. Sit-ups


Use a couch to help you brace yourself during sit-ups. Sit facing the couch with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your feet under the couch and lie back with your hands behind your head. Sit up as fast as you can then slowly lower yourself back down. Do this for 15 repetitions.

10. Superman Extension


Lie face down and extend your arms out so they keep a straight line from your shoulders, keeping your elbows bent slightly. Press your shoulder blades together and lift your arms, legs and upper body off the floor. Hold that position and bring your arms in front of you. Hold again for one count and move back. Lower yourself to the floor. Do this again for 15 repetitions.

These workout routines don’t need to take up more than 30 minutes of your time, making them best daily workout routines for women on the go. Share with us how much weight you’ve lost with these exercises!


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