Safflower Oil Benefits: Great For The Skin And Body

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8. Hair

Apart from being good for skin and body, safflower oil is also considered one of the best remedies in making your hair healthier. Safflower is odorless, light in texture, and easily absorbed by the scalp. The oleic acid found in the oil is beneficial for the hair and scalp, as it improves circulation and stimulates hair growth. Safflower oil is mostly recommended for people who have dry hair. It is one of the many essential oils used to treat damaged hair and nourish dry scalp.

Indeed, safflower oil is beneficial to one’s health. Treating inflammation, reducing cholesterol level, preventing heart disease, and helping to lose weight are only some of the safflower oil benefits. But like all other fats, this type of oil contains a high amount of calories and should only be used in moderation. If you are suffering from any skin or health condition, it is best to ask a health care professional advice before taking or applying this type of oil.


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