The 10 Best Winged Eyeliner Techniques… Meowww!

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If you like keeping up with makeup trends, there is one thing you need to learn now: how to do the winged eyeliner. This classic makeup trend is not going anywhere. It is staying as one of the most heralded eyeliner techniques there is for those who vie for a clean, fresh look. When doing the classic winged, make sure that you apply a primer on your lashline first. This will help make the process smoother. Once the primer is applied, pick your favorite eyeliner color. Start with a thin line on the inner eye towards the outer corner. When you have a thin lashline, it becomes easier to build up your liner according to how thick you want it to be. Also, it would look nice to have the tip look like a continuing line towards your lower lashline. Just make sure you can do a straight line to achieve symmetry. Use a tape as a guide to be sure. Otherwise, your steady hand could well do the trick.

The classic winged or cat-eye style of lining is perfect for flattering every shape of eyes. Then again, using eyeliner to achieve the look can be quite tricky. Better take note of the top ten tips that will help you achieve the look easier.


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