Top 10 Hair Color Trends for 2013 that Will Color Up Your Life

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4. Silver and Gray4 Silver and Gray

Speaking of gray, does the song “Better Days” ring a bell, especially the first line? We’ll make you remember: “Silver gray hair neatly combed in place.” We know that line was intended to depict a grandma but would you believe that same line can best describe a new hair color craze for this year? Believe it because it’s true. While those who work at the salon tried so hard in many years to cover up this color, it is amazingly edging up in hair fashion forecasts in different ways. Do not be surprised seeing women wearing a shimmery silver or matte gray shade at every street corner. This will sure hit it nicely among salon clients, young and old alike. The young ones will definitely find it cool while the old ones would certainly prefer this hair color because it will help enhance what they already have.


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