Top 10 Haircuts for Thick Hair that Will Make Rapunzel Bow To You

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Most people would kill to have thick hair. Unfortunately, we are never contented. People born with naturally thick hair are sometimes the ones complaining and wishing to have thin strands. While women dream of having that extremely long, thick and soft hair like Rapunzel’s, reality would always kick in and tell us that Rapunzel did not have that envious hair without doing anything. Proper hair management is the key. You should not blame your hair type for making you feel like an ugly duckling; you need the right haircut to turn you into a beautiful swan. With the right cut on your hair type and face shape, guys would definitely drool over you. Women with thick hair are often irritated by their terribly volumized hair. An appropriate haircut done with precision will minimize the hair volume, leaving it frizz-free and bouncy. Here are the top 10 haircuts for thick hair that you can check before heading to the salon:


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