Top 10 Home Mole Removal Remedies That You Did Not Know Existed and are Just Within Your Reach

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10. Juice extract from fruits10Juice extract from fruits

What you need are sour apples, pineapple, grapefruit extract, fig stem sap, milkweed juice, onion juice, green papaya juice, garlic juice or crushed garlic and cauliflower: anyone of these can be used for the treatment. If you prefer sour apples, get the juice from it through extraction. You just apply the juice to the mole thrice a day every day for a minimum of three weeks. If you prefer to use extracted juice from fresh pineapple, you can use it the same way as in sour apples. However, you can use freshly sliced pineapple. Leave the extracted juice in the mole for a long time. Applying petroleum jelly in the surrounding area before application of the juice is also recommended.


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