Top 10 Lip Shapes that Guys Love the Most


7. Thin Lips

Thin Lips

Thin lips are absolutely perfect! In fact, a lot of women with wider, thicker lips wish they have thin lips instead. Thin lips are stunning because even without putting on too much lipstick, they look sexy as it is. Thin lips also look very delicate so when guys kiss you, it becomes passionate more than aggressive. Thin lips are also nice because when you try to pout, it wouldn’t seem like you’re exerting too much effort for nothing. Think of Gwyneth Paltrow for this kind of lip and you will understand just how gorgeous it is.


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  1. Duante Amorculo

    May 11, 2015 5:13 am

    this is terrible. full lips is the preferred by guys because they are easy t kiss and more enjoyable to kiss as well. plus they make for great buddy sucking. thin lips are typically totally undesirable because they are hard to kiss and you can’t get as passionate as with full lips. even with red lipstick it still doesn’t help the look of thin lips much (hear that niyla styers). you can tell a woman wrote this because she said thin lips were ‘great’. oy ve! how are you gonna have a woman write about what guys prefer? women don’t even know what they themselves want are often too preoccupied with being self centered and self involved (again niyla) to even have a clue what a man wants.


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