Top 10 Popular Couple Sleeping Positions, What They Mean and How They Can Improve Your Relationships as a Couple

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1. The Bed Hogging Male

1The Bed Hogging Male

This is the same as the bed hogging female only the male does this position. The man is lying all over the bed while his girl is over at the edge, ready to fall off. This means that the woman lets her man gets his way. It is okay for the both of them. Like the previous position, only one percent does this. In a way, that is kind of a relief, don’t you think?

There you have it. Here is the list of the best known couple sleeping positions that most couples use. If you see yourself at one of these choices, then consider the meaning but do not dwell on it. Whether it is because it has a negative aspect on it or not, it is always important that you still base everything on action, not on sleeping! Remember, sleeping is for relaxation and resting. It is not created to analyze each other’s minds or delve deep into the relationship. But isn’t it fun to wonder about these things?


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