What Turns a Guy On: 10 Tips That Will Make Your Man Go Wild

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What Turns a Guy On: 10 Tips That Will Make Your Man Go Wild

Do you know what turns a guy on effectively? Every woman wants to know the secret on how to make themselves irresistible that will arouse their guy — something that is sweet, simple and subtle but very effective in driving him wild for you.

Below are 10 instant turn-on tips that will attract your guy and make him go wild for you.

1. Touch him

One sure-fire way that turns guys on is the way you touch him. Touching a guy in certain erogenous areas can instantly turn him on. It does not have to be heavy groping; just subtle caresses on his neck, chest, thighs, and along the jaw line, would work wonders and leave him eager for more. Try giving him a scalp and shoulder massage as an excuse to touch him. He could also benefit from a distressing rub.

2. Make him notice your mouth

Aside from having a great smile, biting your lips every now and then while talking to him will make him focus on your lips. Pouting and putting things like a pen or a popsicle in your mouth will make his imagine run wild. Are you up to it?

3. Recreate your morning voice

Another thing that turn guys on is your morning voice. Guys love that husky and dreamy voice you have  when you wake up. Try lowering your pitch and speak to him in a whisper to create that same effect. Just like anything, the timing should be perfect. Wait for instances when you have to tell him a secret to lean close and whisper directly in his ear.

4. Accentuate your assets

You don’t have to dress provocatively if you are not that type.  But flaunting your assets would definitely catch his eye and turn him on. Show him your curves and a little of your skin and he will be hooked. Skinny jeans, a low cut top, or a dress that is cinched at the waist are some of the things you can wear to show off what you’ve got.

5. Wear his clothes

One of the sexiest things you can wear is a man’s clothing, especially your man’s shirt. Seeing you wearing his button down shirt, or his large sweater while lounging around the house is an effective turn on for a guy. It makes him possessive over you.

6. Find your signature scent

Try catching a guy’s sense of smell and attention with a scent. Guys actually enjoy it when their woman smells nice. Find a scent that you can stamp as your own. So whenever he smells that exact same scent, he will instantly think of you.

7. Gaze at him

Keeping eye contact with him during conversations makes a guy feel that you are into him. But do not limit just gazing at his eyes. Even when you are in a conversation lull or are doing other tasks, allow your gaze to wander to him and let him catch you at it. That would definitely turn him on.

8. Do not change your accent

Do not worry too much about your accent and of fitting the mold of how others expect you to sound like when you speak. Most guys view their ladies’ accents as exotic and erotic.  They will think of you as a foreign adventure waiting to happen.

9. Be spontaneous

When your man thinks he has you down to a pat, do something unexpected. It will drive him wild with excitement. Go out of your way to do something sexy and exciting for him.

10. Dance

Guys love seeing you sway your body. So turn on your stereo and dance. The way you sway your body provocatively can surely excite him like no other. Want more fun? Pull him along so he can share that that sexy moment with you.

Knowing what turns a guy on makes you feel in control. Because men are creatures of the senses, knowing how to attract his sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, will have him always turned on for you.

Do you have any more ideas on how to turn a guy on and make him wild for you?


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