Pros and Cons of Getting a Brazilian Wax

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The waxer will start by trimming the hair to ideal length. For fine hair, ¼  of an inch is the ideal length for the wax to stick on. If the hair is too coarse, you should have at least half an inch of length. The next step would be for the waxer to apply talcum powder to the skin to prevent the hot wax from sticking to your skin. The waxer will use a wooden spoon to spread the hot wax over your skin and hair.

A cloth strip goes over the hot wax and this is pressed firmly so that the wax and the hair are bonded together. As soon as the wax cools, the cloth strip is pulled quickly. The trick is to pull towards the opposite direction of the hair growth. This will pull the roots out too. The procedure may be painful, especially for first timers. Tell your waxer if the pain is intolerable and he or she would know what to do. When the procedure is done, a little tweezing and cutting could be done for left over hairs.


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