First Time Sex Tips Every Girl Should Know

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first time sex

They say that the first time you experience anything is unforgettable. Every girl wants her first sexual experience to be something special and worth treasuring. Unfortunately, great sex does not come with a manual. But don’t worry too much. Here are some first time sex tips that we think would greatly help in ensuring that your first experience would be sweet and pleasurable.

Safety is the key priority

Of course, there is no such thing as a hundred percent safe sex, but you can always lessen the risks associated with it by following safety precautions. Make sure that your partner wears a condom to eliminate the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Do it when you are ready

Before anything else, you must also take readiness into consideration. Do you really want to do this for yourself, or are you just giving in to the pressure? You must make sure that you are not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally prepared.


First time sex may be a bit scary or intimidating, but you must remember to breathe. Do not focus on just making your partner feel good. You must also learn how to get rid of all your inhibitions in order for you to enjoy the ride. Just breathe, and then let go.

Have a positive body image

This is an important first time sex tip because at some point, your partner is going to have to see you naked. Having a positive body image would let you be more relaxed, comfortable, and worry-free. Why spend time hiding under the covers or insisting that the lights should be turned out when you can spend it doing more pleasurable things? You have come to the point of having sex, so rest assured, your partner finds or will find you attractive no matter what.

Do not be afraid to explore

Sex is not only about penetration. Everything you do, from foreplay up to the act itself is all part of the sexual experience. Do not be afraid to explore your partner’s body and your body as well. There is no right or wrong move when it comes to being intimate. Everyone has his or her own style, and what works for someone would not automatically mean that it would work for others as well.

Have the guts to speak up

You must be very comfortable with your partner, to the point that you would not be afraid to express yourself. Feel free to tell him what feels good, and what would you want him to do. All first time sex tips would tell you that communication is vital, and your partner would appreciate your feedback.

Do not stress about you and your partner’s performance

First time sex is very intense and exciting, but it is also full of expectations. Of course, you are eager and nervous and this might backfire against the both of you.  Your partner might have premature ejaculation or lack of erection. From your end, you might experience a lack of lubrication if your nerves work up against you. Free yourself from these expectations, and you are sure to have a better and enjoyable time.

Do not fake an orgasm

Studies show that most women do not reach orgasm during their first encounter. Faking it would only make things worse and if you think about it, you are only cheating on yourself. Being able to climax easily entails a lot of getting used to. Motivate your partner by letting him know that you are getting there and would want to get there with him.

We are not given infinite chances of doing something for the first time. The most important first time sex tip every girl should know is that we all need to be spontaneous. Being mindful of steps and procedures eventually ruins what could be a very special moment and makes it seem mechanical. Do not be afraid to express yourself and be passionate. Sex is a form of self-expression and every woman should not be afraid to be unique in expressing herself through her body.


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