Pros and Cons of Getting a Brazilian Wax

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Just like any other procedure, waxing has its disadvantages too. It is best to know them for you to consider whether you really want to go through a Brazilian wax procedure.

1. Pain Or Discomfort

It is not advisable to have a waxing job if you have a low threshold to pain. A Brazilian wax can be painful, especially for beginners. The pain levels differ from person to person. The thickness of the hair and the location of the hair also contribute to the amount of pain or discomfort.

2. Costly

Another reason why some people do not go for a Brazilian wax is the cost of getting one. In some nail salons, one treatment can go as low as $15 only. But for higher end spas the price can go up to $120 per session.

3. Regrowth Discomfort

Another downside of this procedure is the discomfort and itching you will feel as the new hairs start to grow. Remember, you have to wait until the hair is at an ideal length before going back for another session.

4. Risk of Infection

Another thing you have to look out for with this procedure is the risk of skin infection. This usually happens when waxers do not use a new wooden spoon or do double dipping in the wax.

5. Skin Damage

If you do not exfoliate regularly after waxing, you may experience some skin damage and discoloration. Some describe it as similar to having a chicken-skin like texture as the new hair grows. Some have uneven skin color due to allergies.


The Brazilian wax is still one of the most popular hair removal treatments in the world. It can be a pleasant experience, especially if you get a professional that you trust to do it for you.


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