Top 10 Popular Couple Sleeping Positions, What They Mean and How They Can Improve Your Relationships as a Couple

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Who doesn’t love sleeping? It is a time for a complete relaxation of the body, mind, and soul. It is when we rejuvenate ourselves so we are completely recharged and ready for the next day. Sleeping is an important part of our lives; it makes us healthy, fit, and strong. However, did you know that it could also show a person’s subconscious thoughts? All you have to do is know how to read couple sleeping positions. This may not be of big help if you are single but this would totally give you a lot of enlightenment if you were in a relationship.

Couple sleeping positions vary and each position has a different meaning to it. It is not that you need to psycho-dissect these things. All you really need to do is determine the kind of sleeping position that you and your partner always end up having and maybe you would be able to understand some things about your relationship. To help you with this, here are the top ten sleeping positions for couples.

10. The Liberty Position10The Liberty Position

This sleeping position is when the two parties are sleeping back to back, without touching. Now this may look like a cold and passionless to sleep with your partner but studies show that couples who are actually used to this kind of position are very intimate with each other. This means that they are emotionally connected but are independent enough to sleep this way. This is very common for couples that have been together for quite some time now. Twenty-eight percent do this so that means this is very common for a lot of couples, particularly the married ones.

9. The Cherish Position9The Cherish Position

This is pretty much like the liberty position. The only difference is, the couple is somehow touching. This basically means that the couple is relaxed with each other and with their relationship as well as intimate. This is very usual for new relationships. This also means that you are off to a very good start. Eighteen percent do this position, which is not so bad.

8. The Spooning Male8The Spooning Male

This is also common at the onset of the relationship wherein the guy spoons the girl. This means that the male is speaking its authority and wants to protect his partner through showing off his alpha male security. This is quite traditional for the most part, but it can change overtime to something more comfortable for both parties. Thirteen percent of couples do this kind of thing. This is really not surprising because after all, this is the most classic position of all.

7. Face-to-Face by the Pillows

7Face-to-Face by the Pillows

This is when both parties are lying on their sides, with their faces in front of each other, not touching each other. This could mean many things but experts say that couples do this as a sign of silent communication. These people need to talk to teach other on a deeper level and their subconscious minds are telling them that through their body actions.

6. The Knot

6The Knot

This is like the face-to-face position. The difference is, the legs of the couple are intertwined, forming some sort of a knot. This will go on for some time but when both fall asleep deeply, they can move and change in to a more comfortable position. This shows a loving independence from each other.

5. The Spooning Female

5The Spooning Female

This is the complete opposite of the spooning male wherein the girl is the one who wraps her arms around his guy. This is a clear show of her sexuality, an innate need to protect his man at all times. Only five percent of the statistics do this kind of position, which is not at all surprising.

4. The Lover’s Knot

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This is practically the same as the knot position only this time, they don’t separate during the night. They stay intertwined with each other while they are sleeping. This is definitely for new couples that are extremely romantic. Apparently, not many of them are because only four percent do this kind of thing.

3. Romantic and Sweet

3Romantic and Sweet

Are you familiar of the sleeping position that you often see in romantic comedies wherein the woman puts her head on top of the arm or chest of his man? This is called the romantic position. It is very common for new relationships and for those who have recently rekindled, or have just finished from a big fight. Only one percent of couples do this.

2. The Bed Hogging Female

2The Bed Hogging Female

This is quite funny and endearing. This position involves a woman that sleeps in a starfish-like position while his man is hanging by the thread, at the edge of the bed. This basically means that the man lets her girl gets her way most of the time. If the guy is okay with it, then this position is okay too. There are only one percent of couples that do this kind of thing.

1. The Bed Hogging Male

1The Bed Hogging Male

This is the same as the bed hogging female only the male does this position. The man is lying all over the bed while his girl is over at the edge, ready to fall off. This means that the woman lets her man gets his way. It is okay for the both of them. Like the previous position, only one percent does this. In a way, that is kind of a relief, don’t you think?

There you have it. Here is the list of the best known couple sleeping positions that most couples use. If you see yourself at one of these choices, then consider the meaning but do not dwell on it. Whether it is because it has a negative aspect on it or not, it is always important that you still base everything on action, not on sleeping! Remember, sleeping is for relaxation and resting. It is not created to analyze each other’s minds or delve deep into the relationship. But isn’t it fun to wonder about these things?

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