Best Friend Quiz: Is Your BFF Really Your Best Friend?

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best friend quiz

Friendship is a vital ingredient to a happy life. But it takes time to develop a friendship and it takes two compatible people to make it work. Everybody has someone they call their BFF or best friend forever. But is your BFF really your best friend?  Take this best friend quiz to find out.

I.  What does your BFF do when you show up in a new outfit?

  1. Laughs and tells you that the outfit makes you look fat
  2. Tells you it’s great and she would want something just like it
  3. Says “that’s nice” and starts talking about something else
  4. Ignores what you’re wearing, instead show you her outfit instead

II. When you ask your BFF to hang out, she….

  1. Suggests places that you both always go to
  2. Asks you where you want to go
  3. Decides where to go and what to do
  4. Needs a little persuasion before she finally decides to hang out with you 

III. When you have a problem and call for help, what does your BFF do?

  1. Drops everything and rushes to be by your side
  2. Say’s “I’m sorry to hear that” and gives you advice over the phone
  3. Gives you advice on how to handle the problem if she was in your shoes
  4. Tells you that it is no big deal and you should stop worrying about it

IV.  If something wonderful happens, what would you do?

  1. Immediately tell your BFF because you know she would be happy for you
  2. Tell your BFF and hopes she won’t be too envious
  3. Tell your BFF, but you know she will come up with something to outdo you
  4. Won’t tell your BFF because it won’t really matter to her

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V. If you did something wrong and your best friend found out about it, what would your BFF do?

  1. She would be angry and tell me to make things right
  2. She would say “You are so bad!” and laugh about it
  3. She would tell everybody and get you into trouble
  4. She would ignore your bad deed as if it didn’t happen

VI. You are home with the flu, what would your BFF do?

  1. She would come over to visit bringing hot chicken soup to make me feel better
  2. She would call up once in a while to check on you
  3. She would send you a get-well soon gift through the courier or mail
  4. She would send you an email or text asking how you were, but would rather stay away until you get well for fear of getting infected.

VII. Your BFF made a promise, but something important comes upWhat does she do?

  1. Tell you that she can’t keep the promise, but will make it up to you next time
  2. Will send you a text or give you a call saying “Sorry I can’t keep my promise.”
  3. Will break the promise and say “Sorry I forgot” afterwards
  4. Act as if nothing happened

VIII. On your birthday, what would your BFF usually do for you?

  1. Surprises you with a party or gets you something that you really want
  2. Gives you a hand- made personalized gift
  3. Presents you with a gift that was bought from her favorite store
  4. Sends you a greeting card or an electronic greeting

IX. What do you like most about your BFF?

  1. I can always be myself around her
  2. She makes me laugh
  3. The companionship
  4. She lets me do whatever I want

X. Why is she your BFF?

  1. Because I know that whatever happens she has my back
  2. Because I enjoy her company
  3. Because she likes being with me
  4. Because she does not judge me

Add up all your answers. If your score is within 10 – 20 then your BFF is a true friend to you. Getting a score of 20 and up may mean your bond may not be that strong. Friendship is measured by the love, care and sacrifice each one is willing to give for the sake of the other. It is a give-and-take process that allows both of you to be the best person you can be.

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