Top 10 Anniversary Gifts For Boyfriend

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Are you having a hard time deciding which anniversary gifts for boyfriend would you want to get your special guy?

Gift giving can sometimes be a dilemma because you would want your gift to be unique, special, and appreciated. In almost all relationships, girls are the ones who put much effort in coming up with gifts that would show their boyfriend how much they love and appreciate them. Should it be fancy, expensive, or creative? How much are you willing to spend?

Here are the top 10 anniversary gifts for boyfriend you should consider:

1. Gadgets

 gifts for boyfriend

Gadgets are one of the most popular gifts for boyfriend. Guys are addicted to gadgets as girls can’t resist a long stemmed rose. Take time in saving up for one gadget that your boyfriend is eyeing on. It can be the latest iPhone model, tablet PC, laptop computer or music player.

2. Compile your photos together

gifts for boyfriend

A compilation of memorable photos is a great anniversary gift for your boyfriend. You can print goofy and sweet photos of you together. You can either make a scrapbook or burn digital copies on a CD.

3. Treat him to a pampering session

gifts for boyfriend

Another great anniversary gift for your boyfriend is to treat him to a massage therapy session. If your man is hard working, treating him to a massage session relays your intention to nurture him in the most special way. For sure on their own, guys will not splurge on a massage session. On your anniversary, it is certainly a treat to be pampered either in a spa, or you can give the massage session with your own personal touch.

4. Movie date

gifts for boyfriend

Take your boyfriend out on a movie date. Reserve prime movie seats on your anniversary.  You can also make him choose which movie to watch. Although a movie date may sound typical, but time well spent with him is one of the best gifts for boyfriend.

5. Cook his favorite dish

gifts for boyfriend

Celebrate your anniversary by cooking for your man. One of the ultimate gifts for boyfriend is something that will fill his tummy. Guys are very appreciative if their physical needs are satisfied. Make him remember your worth by cooking his favorite food on your anniversary. This will make him fall for you over and over again.

6. Write him a love letter

gifts for boyfriend

Nothing beats the old-fashioned love letter. It can be a bit mushy but hand-written love letters are great anniversary gifts for boyfriend. Put in your best effort in writing from the heart and in composing your thoughts. Keep your love letter as romantic as possible.

7. Wine and dine

gifts for boyfriend

You can prepare an intimate wine and dine experience in a fancy restaurant or at his house. If you plan on doing this in his place, surprise him with the finest wine on your anniversary plus take out food. You can also go star gazing even just in the back yard. If you make reservations at a fancy restaurant, it is a good reason to dress up well and share a fine dining experience.  This certainly makes up a great anniversary gift for boyfriend.

8. Clothing items

gifts for boyfriend

Guys like to look good physically. Clothing items are great gifts for boyfriend. It can be a casual shirt or something he can use at work. Remember to choose something that will flatter his figure and will match his complexion.

9. Short vacation

gifts for boyfriend

Spend a weekend getaway together as an anniversary gift for him. Guys do not take time out because all they think about is work. A short vacation is a really cool gift for your anniversary. It will make you both relax and just enjoy time being together.

10. Take him to a concert

gifts for boyfriend

Another romantic gift for boyfriend on your anniversary is to watch a music concert together. Search for concert schedule of his favorite band or singer and book it immediately. You may hand over the concert tickets to him with an element of surprise.

You have a whole year to think of different anniversary gifts for your man. Whether it is costly or simply creative, what matters is you spend your anniversary together. Anniversary is one of the important occasions as a couple.

What are your favorite anniversary gifts for boyfriend you want to share with us?



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  1. Katrine

    February 27, 2015 9:16 am

    Really great ideas for anniversary! Next year I will think about some concert! This year I bought him a star from the sky! 🙂 It is from Kingdom of Universe and everything is legal!


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