Crazy Sex Positions That Will Make Your Man Want More

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A couple’s sex life is a crucial ingredient to a long and lasting relationship. Men and women differ in mood when it comes to sex. Women will always have that fear that their man may not be satisfied with their performance in bed and that they might seek refuge elsewhere.

You can easily turn your man on by suggesting some crazy positions that will make your man want you more. Here are men’s top 10 favorite positions from the Kama Sutra that you and your partner will surely enjoy.

1. Nirvana

 crazy sex positions

This is just like the missionary position but here, the woman put her arms up allowing the man to have his way with her. Her legs are closed as he penetrates her vagina, giving him a tighter feeling as he presses his penis into her. Men love this position because they feel that they are in control.

2. The Slide

crazy sex position

With the “Slide” it is the woman who is on top. She wraps her arms around his neck as she allows him to penetrate her. She keeps her legs closed as she slides her body up and down his. Men love this position because this position makes them feel desired by their woman.

3. Doggie Style

Crazy sex positions

Next to the missionary position, the doggie style has to be the next most popular sex position. The woman goes on all fours just like a dog as the man penetrates her from behind. I guess men love this position because of the easy access and the domineering feeling of being in control that this position gives.

4. The Amazon

Crazy sex positions

The Amazon is a very intimate position because the man and the woman are locked in each other’s arms. The man is seated and the woman spreads her legs and allows his penis to enter her. They cuddle as she grinds her groin against his. Men enjoy this crazy sex position because of the many things he can do. He can hug and kiss her, run his hands up and down her back, squeeze her buttocks, or simply hold her tight as they both reach their peak.

5. The Clip

Crazy sex positions

This is one crazy sex position that drive men wild.  As the man lies on his back, the woman kneels above him and mounts him. She arches her back as her arms reach the floor. She rocks as he fondles her all over.

6. Rocking Horse

Crazy sex positions

The man does an Indian-style seating position while the woman kneels over him and mounts him. She starts humping up and down just like riding a horse. She can also choose to do a grind as the man slowly rocks to and fro which gives them both utmost pleasure.

7. The Hero

Crazy sex positions

In this crazy sex position the woman lies on her back while the man kneels before her and raises her legs. He presses her legs together as he penetrates her tight and slippery vagina.

8. The Basket

crazy sex positions

In this crazy sex position that most men enjoy a lot, the man sits as the woman rides him just like “The rocking horse” but this time his hands are free to touch her as his lips kiss her breast, her neck and her lips while she humps on him.

9. The Right Angle

Crazy sex positions

Creating a right angle, the man lays the woman on a table as he goes between her legs and enters her. He humps at his own pace as his hands fondle her breasts and whichever part of her body that excites him the most.

10. Widely Opened

Crazy sex positions

Another crazy sex position is the widely opened. As the woman lies on her back, the man kneels and spreads the woman’s legs. He slides his knees under her buttocks as he penetrates her widely opened vagina. He controls her by pulling her to and fro until they both climaxed.

If you read the Kama Sutra you will see that there are so many crazy sex positions to choose from. You may want to try them all, but I would advise that you choose sex positions that you can actually do because some are quite acrobatic. Remember, sex should be a pleasurable and a memorable moment between you and your partner. All it takes is the right crazy sex position to spice it up.

Do you have crazy sex positions you want to share with us? We would love to hear from you!


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