Top 5 Most Effective Hair Growth Supplements

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Hair is considered the crowning glory of every woman. However for some ladies, the prospect of having healthy and gorgeous hair appears unattainable. Hair problems can be because of many reasons — lack of nutrition, disease, and absence of vitamins and minerals are just some of the many causes. If you are experiencing hair loss or you just want to achieve healthy hair, there are different hair growth supplements in the market today that can be of help.

Read on to know more about the top 5 most effective supplements to add to your diet for maximum hair growth results:


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Biotin is also known as Vitamin B-7 which we can get naturally in our diet. Rich sources of this supplement are egg yolk, beef liver, kidney, unrefined rice, brewer’s yeast, peanuts, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Although Biotin is present in our daily diet, it is still possible to develop a deficiency of Biotin when taking certain drugs or drinking too much alcohol. Recommended daily intake of 5000 mcg is very essential to hair growth. Research shows that the combination of Biotin with zinc can effectively reduce hair loss.


hair growth supplements

Viviscal is another hair growth supplement that fortifies the hair and its roots from within.  Advised to be taken 2 tablets as a daily supplement, most Viviscal users experience hair improvements within three to six months.

David Babaii, a famous celebrity hair stylist and also a fan of the product highly recommends Viviscal to his high-profile customers. After all, he himself has proven the effectiveness of this hair growth supplement after undergoing a major surgery that caused his hair to thin out. Six months after taking Viviscal, he noticed new hair growth. Doris Day, a celebrity dermatologist in New York City, also recommends Viviscal to her patients.

Gingko Biloba

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According to Japanese researchers, Ginkgo Biloba extract showed positive signs that it can cause hair growth in mice. The outcome of their experiment showed that mice that have been treated with Ginkgo Biloba extract have better hair growth rate over the ones without. The same researchers likewise encouraged around 50 people to use Ginkgo Biloba shampoo. Based on the results of their experiment, it shows that the rate of hair loss among the participants has lessened considerably. Because of this, Gingko Biloba is considered one of the most effective hair growth supplements in the market today.

Saw Palmetto

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Another effective hair growth supplement is Saw Palmetto. It is a well-known natural remedy to improve and maintain healthy hair, as well as, stop hair loss and baldness. Unlike other supplements which is taken orally, Saw Palmetto works best when applied topically to the hair scalp. All you have to do is to gently massage the oil extract into your scalp and cover it with a shower cap. Let the natural supplement absorb for an hour or two before washing your hair. You may also apply it every night before bed time and let it stay until the morning.

Vitamin D

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According to various researches, lack of Vitamin D causes hair loss. We all know that sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D. However if you are not so keen to expose yourself under the sun due to possible health risks, you can still enjoy Vitamin D through other natural sources. Foods high in vitamin D content would include sardines, salmon, cod liver oil, oysters, soy products, mushroom, fortified milk products and eggs. You can also take vitamin D supplements sold over the counter. With Vitamin D in your daily diet, you can be sure to have healthy, beautiful hair in no time.

You can achieve healthy hair with these five important hair growth supplements. However, it is also important to keep in mind that the health of your crowning glory can easily be destroyed through bad diet and continuous exposure to harmful chemicals. Focus on improving your diet. If unsure, refer to your doctor which hair growth supplement is best for you.

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