Top 10 Curly Hairstyles That Make You Stand Out

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Are you looking for curly hairstyles that will make you stand out?

It is quite amusing that many women with natural curls prefer to have their hair straightened or ironed to look pretty. But one thing they have to realize is that curls are beautiful and can be styled easily once you know how. With the right hair products and some simple hair accessories, you and your curly hairstyle will surely stand out.

Top 10 Curly Hairstyles:

Let it down

curly hairstyles

Long curly hair is very sexy, so don’t be shy and let it down. If you worry about the frizz, use a hair mask once a week to keep it shiny and soft. Use a curl enhancing product like a moisturizing gel, a curl amplifier or curl enhancing cream when its time to show off your beautiful locks.

Down The Back

curly hairstyles

When wearing a nice backless dress, a long down-the-back hairstyle is a beautiful match. Simply tie your hair in a pony tail to one side, then tie another band under it. Continue adding bands until you get to the bottom of your hair. You may also add a simple accent to finish the look.

One Side Down

curly hairstyles

You can achieve that supermodel look with this classy curly hairstyle. All you need to do is to pin one side of your hair behind your ears and continue pinning all the way down to your nape. Leave the other side to flow down to your face and over your shoulders for that seductive look.

Soft and Bouncy

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A short curly hairstyle can be very flirty on the dance floor. Always use a conditioner after shampoo to keep your hair soft and shiny. Make your curls soft and bouncy and ready to party. By using a diffuser as you style your hair with a blow dryer, you get the fullness and texture you want by taming those curls.

Short Side Parted

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Tame those wild curls and look gorgeous with this simple side parted curly hairstyle. Simply use hair mousse, hair spray or styling gel as your comb your hair into place and you will have a do that will stay beautiful for hours.

80’s Pop Star Bop

curly hairstyles

The 80’s curly hairstyles are making a comeback. This style has been used by pop stars like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguillera and many others. You too, can have this pop star look with the use of a tissing comb and some volumizers. You can have that Madonna beautiful look that will surely make you feel like a star.

The 90’s Do

curly hairstyles

Curly hairstyles were the signature style in the 90’s. This look is still being used today by beauty queens and professional models. Be a stand out. Let your locks shine with a beautiful updo  Put up the back of your hair, leaving the front area hanging. Style and tiss your bangs using some hair spray. Let some beautiful curls run down the side to feature your face.

Crown Braid

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For a formal and elegant look, a crown braid is the perfect look for you. It shows control and yet it still highlights your beautiful curls. Simply start braiding starting from one side of your face going all the way over to the other side. Wrap all the rest of your hair in a bun and hide it under your braids.
Vintage Updo

curly hairstyles

This curly hairstyle that we have seen used in many classic movies is very similar to the 90’s do but instead of a tissed and puffy top, you simply let the front of your hair flow down to the side framing your face with some flirty curls.

Side Pony Tail

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If you need to look great but you do not have that much time to get ready, simply tie your hair to one side and smoothen the top with styling gel or mousse. You will instantly have that lovely Beyonce look in no time.

Having curly hair is a gift. Embrace your curls and see just how beautiful they make you look. There are many girls who spend time and money just to get the perfect curly hairstyle that you naturally have.

You can look awesome.

All you need is self confidence and the right curly hairstyle that makes you stand out.


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