The Top 10 Quizzes for Women That Are Often Searched on the Internet

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Women love advice. Even though they are believed to have a very strong sense of intuition, they will still want confirmation. One of the first people that they will approach is their closest girl (or guy) friend. Women are known to be very vocal of their feelings once they find a confidant. They will tell every single detail in belief that they would get better advice and eventually feel better. But sometimes, women will still look for confirmation even after the long late-night chit-chats. They tend to undergo a denial stage wherein the advice they keep getting do not satisfy their questions. Before, women would often go to the magazine stand and read female-oriented magazines for advice. Now that the technology is more advanced, they can already search for solutions to their problems with the use of the Internet. Aside from joining online forums, online quizzes for women are vastly available. These quizzes offer them sensible questions that will help them cope up with their current situation and get to know themselves further.


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