Running For Weight Loss: Why It Does Not Work All The Time

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Do you wonder why you can run 10 miles every day, but just can’t lose those annoying excess pounds in your body? You’re not alone. Many runners are having a hard time shedding off body fats and acquiring the body shape they dream. Visit the nearest gym in your area and you’ll see hundreds of people spending too much time running on the treadmill but are still struggling to lose weight.

running for weight loss

Running for weight loss is a great exercise beneficial for all ages and sizes. In fact, an hour of running can help you burn more than 600 calories and can even make your health much better. But there are times that this heart-friendly exercise falls short, which gives us a lot of frustration instead of the solution.

If you can’t see results no matter how hard you work to lose those pounds, it’s likely because you’re following exercise errors. Here are some of the reasons why you may not be getting the results you wanted:

You Don’t Try Other Forms of Workout

Running for weight loss is a fun exercise. This can be an easy habit to form. The problem is when you do the same running workout every day, your body quickly adapts. That means if you do the same thing repetitively, the process becomes easier for the body, which results in fewer calories burned. You need to continually challenge your body in order to continually lose excess pounds. Do this by mixing other training techniques to your workout routine, such as weight training or using other equipment instead of just a treadmill.

You Run At a Steady Pace

Running at a steady and consistent pace won’t help you incinerate your excess fats. As mentioned, your body quickly adapts to any changes you put in it. Once your body gets used to your normal running pace, the benefit of running becomes limited. That is why it is crucial to push yourself into different level of fitness difficulty. Increasing intensity is helpful in building muscles and burning fats. Experts recommend starting your training with one-mile warm up, then a quarter mile running at a slightly faster than your normal pace, and another quarter mile running at a slightly slower than your regular pace.

You Skip Post Run Snack

Lots of people avoid eating after doing an intense workout in the fear that they will only gain weight. But that is a mistake. Your body uses too much energy during work out, that’s why it’s very crucial to ingest foods full of protein and carbs after running. Taking post-run snack will help you replenish your body’s fuel and help you recover from the stress of working out. If you skip this, your muscles won’t be able to repair properly. And when your muscles are not in their proper function, you won’t be able to work harder and challenge your body to lose more fats.

running for weight loss

You Run Too Much

I know this might sound ridiculous, but yes, one reason why you’re not losing weight is because you’re running too much. Exercise is a fun and exciting experience that provides lots of health benefits, but it’s still a kind of workout that puts stress in our body. We all know that stress can impact your hormones, which affects your ability to burn fats. A study published in the Hormone Research Journal stated that running in a long distance can increase cortisol level. An increased in cortisol level for long periods of time can lead to health problems, such as inflammation, tissue damage, and fat build-up. Experts recommend limiting your workout for a maximum of one-hour per day. To lose more fats, add some intense training in your normal running routine.

You Rely On Cardio Exercise Alone

Studies show that exercise alone can’t help you lose weight. The right combination of diet and exercise is the key to shedding off excess fats. In fact, experts say that decreasing the amount of calories you eat is much more effective in achieving weight loss. So if you want to lose the fat, just run in your nearest neighborhood for about 3-4 miles or not consume 3 ounces of potato snacks – it’s as simple as that. But of course, a combination of proper diet and exercise can still give you more benefits.

By changing your habits and learning to avoid all those running for weight loss mistakes mentioned above, you’ll definitely get the body you want in time. 


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