Ten Best Fat Burners for a Sexier Body this Summer

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1. Dymatize: Viper

1. Dymatize

Dymatize’s Viper features its main ingredient, the Dyma-CocoXan. It is a standardized cocoa blend that helps reduce hunger pangs, boost energy and elevate the body’s resting metabolic rate. This product has taken the fat burning technology to the next level by combining rapid release and the enteric-coacted extended-release matrix. Viper promotes the surge of energy with a controlled release for a long lasting energy. This fat burner supplement is a multi-phase tablet to support its sustained energy feature and provide an all-day fat burning effect. With this, each dose taken works as fast as 10 minutes because it will instantaneously dissolve. This is even faster than the liquid capsules.


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    June 10, 2015 9:35 am

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