Top 10 Haircuts for Long Hair That Will Sweep-Off Every Guy

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Women with long hair signify a lot of things in various cultures. During the Middle Ages, long haired women belonged to the upper class, while those with short hair are into peasantry. In some parts of Asia, women who let their long hair down have sexual desires because they are often expected to have their tresses pulled up. To put it simply, hair is women’s crowning glory. It symbolizes their femininity and nowadays, freedom. However, our surrounding is no longer being friendly to our health (hair included). The pollution, climate change and other factors are causing more and more damage especially to our hair. This is why most women prefer having their hair short. For women, long tresses require proper hair maintenance or suffer the consequences of hair damage. Maintaining long hair can be really costly. You need to visit the salon often for treatments and styling. You also need to buy the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. However, let us admit it. No matter how costly it can get, most women will still do something to get those long and shiny locks. It certainly brings out the beauty in women. Here are the top 10 haircuts for long hair that might suit your taste:


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