Top 10 Long Shag Haircut Styles for Adorable Hair

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One of the world’s favorite hairstyles is the long shag. This hairstyle has a timeless and classic charm and is unparalleled to this day. This long shag haircut was epitomized in the 70′s by the likes of Rod Stewart, Joan Jett, Jane Fonda and Mick Jagger. The shag hairstyle is not a mullet or even a long-layered hair do. This hairstyle features understated complexity and it is associated with the rock-n-roll and revolution. This hairstyle is appealing to both long and short hair and as a unisex hairstyle, it signals equality. It is also progressive in nature as its frazzled look also reflects a shift in cultural, social and political views. Here are ten long shag dos you can try:


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