Top 10 Popular Sex Positions for Women that Men Should Know for Pure Ecstasy and Joy


1. The Face-to-Face Tango1The Face-to-Face Tango

Do you know how to tango? If you do, then this position is very similar to that. This is like a missionary style but instead of putting your legs apart, you fold it until both of your feet is on top of your buttocks. Let him thrust deep inside you as he caresses you all over, giving you an instant orgasm in no time.

These positions are quite delicious to look at, don’t you think? Have some excitement and fun with your man and believe me, your relationship will be deeper and happier in every aspect. This can help you release all your pent up emotions and stress through these mind-blowing popular sex positions that can make you shout and scream, wanting for more until there is nothing left of you but pure ecstasy and joy.


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