10 Best Hair Color Brands That Don’t Break the Bank

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5. Clairol Frost & Tip, $10.39

5Clairol Frost & Tip, $10.39

Blonde is in but who has time to go to a salon and wait for hours? That’s the common dilemma of women who want to go to a professional and have their hair coloring done. There just isn’t enough hours in one day! Those who want to try something different eventually resort to a do-it-yourself project. Getting the right brand will help in making the project a success (and not end up with you looking something like the cat dragged in afterwards). While some may be hesitant to dye their own hair at home, you can really pull it off. Using this brand and with the help of someone you trust to pull your hair through the cap, you can become as blonde as you like.

The product comes with a step by step instruction and a DIY kit that has everything you need for your first hair coloring session. Use it to cover your entire mane or just do some highlights.


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