Top 10 Mystic Tan Tips to Have the Best Skin Tone


1. Before you undergo a session

1Before you undergo a sessionIt is important that you skin is ready before tanning. Do this: get rid of the dead skin cells or basically the outermost layer of the skin by exfoliation.

In a typical mechanized booth of Mystic Tan, there is a spray inside it that is designed to bring modified sunless tanning application to every people using it with the basis of the skin type, body size and the desired result/color and the client can choose from the three available tanning level options. A client using the Mystic Tan booth will have to remove the robes before entering the booth. She then pushes the button (the tanning level) and the tanning session will start by spraying fine mists of sunless tanning solutions through the nozzles. The technology utilized in the booth will ensure uniform spray as well as the coverage of spraying all over the body and most of the time it will only take one minute to see result.

The solutions used for tanning are sunless products having dihydroxyacetone or more commonly known as the DHA. This DHA is a common ingredient in the cosmetic industry and this compound work by interacting with the proteins within the superficial layer of the skin in producing the golden brown color for the skin. There are some Mystic Tan tips to get the best result.


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  1. bronzage de la cite

    February 24, 2014 3:26 am

    Great information and tips on spray tanning the right way. The mystic Spray tan is voted best in the industry. Natural tan results with no streaking or orange tones. Easily the most popular non uv tanning method.


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