Top 10 Tips on Creating Bronze Eyes and Naked Palette Looks for Summer

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For some occasions, eye makeup needs to be bold and strong, and at times, almost non-existent. Today, the range of colors of eye makeup covers a wide spectrum, with naked palette looks being the rage for both young and mature women. It is indeed amazing how blending almost neutral shades of eye colors could do to emphasize and enhance the beauty of a woman’s eyes, which is often said to be the windows to the soul.

Most women want to experiment with makeup colors to suit their fancy, their current fashion style, to make a statement or just for the fun of it. And eye makeup comes in a myriad of colors that rivals nature. Eye makeup colors ranges for the palest of colors to the brightest or deepest of hues imaginable. They also come in matte or shimmery finish. Summer is a fantastic season for experimenting with different styles of applying makeup that could look barely there that could still be alluring. Here are the top tips on how to create bronze eyes using naked palette that would be suitable for day or nighttime wear.


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