Top 10 Mystic Tan Tips to Have the Best Skin Tone


Tanning can be done in two ways: through airbrush spray tan and the Mystic Tan. The Airbrush spray type is applied by an expert like an airbrush technician and this is personalized or customized while the Mystic Tan is done through mechanized booth spraying the body. As stated above, airbrush spray tan is customized in which the technician mixes the tone according to the client’s current color and what the client’s desired tanning color. In Mystic Tan, the client chooses from three levels of tanning like level 1, 2 and 3 with 1 as the lightest color. In order to obtain airbrush spray tanning, the client has to make an appointment. Clients wanting Mystic tanning can do it any time or by walking in, and there are Mystic Tan tips for best results.

10. Be ready by having a bright and white-teeth smile

10 Be ready by having a bright and white-teeth smileA nicely done tan is perfectly matched with sparkling white teeth with bright smile. The combination of white teeth and tanned skin is perfect for the summer and you will definitely look stunning. Go to your dentist for whitening procedure of your teeth or if you do not want to spend that much you can check out to your local drug stores about some proven whitening products. Some tanning salons have teeth whitening services. You can take advantage of it.

9. Make the skin ready and healthy

9Make the skin ready and healthyIt is important that your body, particularly the skin is healthy and ready before the Mystic tanning session. The skin must be protected and healthy all the time. You can apply moisturizing tan extender cosmetic product on a daily basis. This cosmetic product is capable of revitalizing the skin thanks to its antioxidant and vitamins content that can make the skin look young glowing and free from wrinkles. In addition, this product can provide the skin the right hydration and nutrients that are essential in preserving, protecting and extending your skin tan.

8. Maintenance of the radiant glow of the skin

8Maintenance of the radiant glow of the skinIn order to maintain the glow of the tan in your skin, you have to take care of your skin. Clean your skin using gentle body cleanser and an example will be the fresh mint shower gel in which it washes away the skin’s impurities without leaving the skin dry, faded or leaving residue. Apply the gel all over your skin on a daily basis and void using bath soap.

7. Use bronzing lotion

7Use bronzing lotionIt is recommended to use bronzing lotion because it can enhance the tan color of the skin. However, you should now that this lotion will working for your skin as long as four hours after you applied it. Hence, you have to allot at least four hours before you take a shower!

6. Know what makes the tanning solution to give you a fresh feel

6.Know what makes the tanning solution to give you a fresh feelYou have to ask the tanning salon about the tanning solution they use. This is an essential part of several Mystic Tan tips. With the right solution, you will not only get the right tanning color for your skin, but you will also have a fresh feeling. A tanning salon that has custom-designed and bronzer-free tan accelerators and fragrances integrating the Vitamin E, Shea butter and other botanical extracts is recommended.

5. Keep the great tan look by the right cosmetic products

5Keep the great tan look by the right cosmetic productsOnce you get your tanning session, it is imperative that you keep it looking great all the time. Use and apply lotion to you skin. Make sure that you will use natural and refined lotions having organic extracts, antioxidants and essential moisturizers. This can extend the life of your tan on your skin.

4. Foundation for your nice tan

4.Foundation for your nice tanDo not think one tanning session is enough and you can show off that tanned body. It is necessary that you undergo several tanning sessions in the span of three to four weeks in order to provide conditioning and helping to prepare your skin before heading out under the sun.

3. Fast tanning on the go

3Fast tanning on the goIf you are looking forward to show your nicely tanned body, try to use sunless spray tanning solution. There are tanning spray that will only need 90 seconds of your time. You can ask your tanning salon about the best tanning spray to use or do some online research about it.

2. Go for tanning booths that are stand up

2.Go for tanning booths that are stand upOne of the best Mystic Tan tips you will receive is this – choose a booth that is vertical or in which you will stand up. Why choose this one? This is because of hygienic reason. It is logical. It is only the feet that touch the booth unlike the usual lie-down bed booth. In addition, stand up booth sprays evenly all over the body.

1. Before you undergo a session

1Before you undergo a sessionIt is important that you skin is ready before tanning. Do this: get rid of the dead skin cells or basically the outermost layer of the skin by exfoliation.

In a typical mechanized booth of Mystic Tan, there is a spray inside it that is designed to bring modified sunless tanning application to every people using it with the basis of the skin type, body size and the desired result/color and the client can choose from the three available tanning level options. A client using the Mystic Tan booth will have to remove the robes before entering the booth. She then pushes the button (the tanning level) and the tanning session will start by spraying fine mists of sunless tanning solutions through the nozzles. The technology utilized in the booth will ensure uniform spray as well as the coverage of spraying all over the body and most of the time it will only take one minute to see result.

The solutions used for tanning are sunless products having dihydroxyacetone or more commonly known as the DHA. This DHA is a common ingredient in the cosmetic industry and this compound work by interacting with the proteins within the superficial layer of the skin in producing the golden brown color for the skin. There are some Mystic Tan tips to get the best result.

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