Top 10 Best Leg Workouts for Women For Strong And Sexy Legs that Stand Out and Attract Men

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6. Gluteal Muscle kickbacks using Swiss Ball6Gluteal Muscle kickbacks using Swiss Ball

The gluteal muscles are composed of three individual muscles such as the gluteus maximus (the muscle in your butt), the gluteus minimus (located just below the butt) and the gluteus medius (located positioned on the outer hip acting to stabilize your pelvis). This kickback exercise using Swiss ball is intended to provide the butt the lift for firmer posture. Using a Swiss ball, lie over the ball with knees and hands touching the floor/mat. Keep the knee in bending position and press slowly the heel toward the ceiling and count for 10 seconds. Then, lower the leg back to the original position through 10 counts and without resting, use the other leg and do the same.


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