Top 10 Funny Halloween Costumes Ideas that Will Blow the Competition

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1. Genie-inspired Costume

Genie-inspired Costume

If you think that the genie-inspired costume you will be wearing is one that is like Aladdin’s then you’re definitely wrong. What makes this costume really funny is the fact that your magic lamp will be placed around your waist and the tip of the lamp, with its elongated beak is placed right where your crotch it. To make the costume even more fun, write the words “rub me” in the area and all your friends will really have a good laugh with this costume you’re wearing.

There are still many other funny Halloween costumes ideas you can try to wear but make sure to narrow down this list first for the best options you will absolutely enjoy. Don’t worry if you find that there are tons of options here you can go as, then at least you have a couple reserved for several parties in the coming years.


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