Top 10 Two Tone Hair Color Advices Before You Go out of the Box

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If you are feeling a bit bored about how your hair looks like, go daring by opting to have a two tone hair color. Also called “ombré hair color,” this is one of the non-conventional ways of having your hair done. Imagine your hair becoming a canvas, you play with colors and mix them up to create a two-tone effect. You can either have this done at the salon or you can do it alone. However, it is highly recommended that you get the help of a professional or you could risk walking outside with a bald head. If you are being gutsy about getting out of your comfort zone and transforming your hair into a statement-making look, then this is the best style for you. The colors you choose determine your personality and guts. Before sprinting your way to the nearest salon or struggling your way for DIY stuff that you will need, here are the things that you must know:


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