Top 10 Looks by Female Celebrities Who Have Blonde Hair Brown Eyes

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9. Jessica Simpson9.Jessica Simpson

The singer and actress turned mother, Jessica Simpson is very known right now for cascading her locks that are yellowish-brown bisque coupled with some platinum highlights. Jessica Simpson has been known to have this look since she started in the entertainment world. Her long blonde hair and brown eyes is what makes Jessica Simpson as she is and her scores of fans adore her. You’ll often see high school girls sporting this kind of hairstyle


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  1. Sarah O Taylor

    April 10, 2015 3:30 am

    Half of these women do NOT have brown eyes! Taylor’s are very blue. The only ones with brown eyes in your list are Jessica, Gwen, and I guess if Beyonce had blonde hair she would count. You could add Britney Spears, she looks great with very dark eyes and blonde hair.


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