Top 10 Looks by Female Celebrities Who Have Blonde Hair Brown Eyes

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3. Blake Lively3.Blake Lively

Who will not know Blake Lively from the hit TV series Gossip Girl? This tall and newlywed gal features bronzy and blond hair. This hue is the right complement to her complexion, which is tawny. If your complexion is olive, it is not advisable to go for much beige or even ashy hue because it can make the skin as well as the hair to have the same color and this looks sallow.


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  1. Sarah O Taylor

    April 10, 2015 3:30 am

    Half of these women do NOT have brown eyes! Taylor’s are very blue. The only ones with brown eyes in your list are Jessica, Gwen, and I guess if Beyonce had blonde hair she would count. You could add Britney Spears, she looks great with very dark eyes and blonde hair.


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