Top 10 Best Makeup Tips that Can Prevent Breakouts of Acne

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8. Other ingredients to avoid

8.Other ingredients to avoid

Knowing ingredients that go into the products you use is the key to prevent break outs of acne. Some of the ingredients that you must avoid are coal tar and its derivatives (D & C red dyes; check out for cosmetics using Carmine for the red coloring), lanolin and isopropyl Myristate. These are some of the worst ingredients that can provoke acne break outs. The latter ingredient is mainly used as the smoothing agent in most makeups. There are instances that the above ingredients will come in other forms. Here are some of the ingredients that can promote acne and if your make up have them, toss them away: decyl oleate, isostearyl neopentonate, cetyl alcohol, acetylated lanolin, isopropyl palmitate, isopropyl isothermal, isocetyl stearate, laureth 4, octyl palmitate, myristyl myristate, PPG myristyl propionate, octyl sterate, stearic acid and putty stearate.


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